Setting up your charger and web app

Tash Horn | 30/05/2023

Our easy how-to guide on getting your electric car charging app set up and ready to use.

At a Glance

Learn how to set up your EV charging app and unlock all the exciting features that come with your new Egg charger

Set up schedules and off-peak tariffs at the tap of a button. You can even view your stats to see how much you've spent on your charging throughout the month. Pretty cool!

Setting up your EV charging app

After your Egg EV charger installation has successfully been completed, you will need to download the Indra App from your phone's app store:

The Indra App is simple to use and enables you to manage all the smart charging functionality of your Egg EV charger from the palm of your hand.

Creating an account takes minutes and once signed in you will be guided through the initial set-up and details of the key smart features including:

  • Smart charging

  • Solar power

  • Charging history

  • Using boost

First, you’ll need to set up your car

The first time you open the Indra App, you’ll be asked to set up your charger. This should only take a few minutes to complete. The app will ask you for information about yourself, your EV and your electricity supplier and tariff.

Having this information allows the app to calculate your charging times, electricity usage and spend correctly, which will enable you to optimise your smart charging.

If you skip any steps in the set-up stage, you can do them later via the settings section. You can still charge your EV without going through the set-up process, but you won’t be making the most of your charger’s advanced features.

Info we'll need about your electric car

  • Vehicle name - the nickname you want to call it in the app

  • Number plate - we'll use this to find out more about your EV such as make and model

Smart scheduling

Your charger will come with a default charging schedule, as required by government legislation. This schedule is designed to reduce power demand at peak times and protect the national grid. But it might not be the best charging schedule for your needs, so we recommend you set up your own schedule once your EV charger is installed. Use the Indra App to set up a regular charging schedule. You can choose regular slots throughout the week and the charger will automatically start charging during those times, as long as your EV is plugged in.

The app enables you to set the times and days/nights you want to charge and also how much energy to add (by miles, kWh or amount of money).

1. Smart Mode

Your charger uses ‘Smart Mode’, to help you charge more efficiently. You can schedule charging to start during off-peak times (normally overnight), when there’s less demand on the national grid, which can help reduce your carbon impact. Smart mode is even better if you have an electricity tariff with varying rates (e.g. peak and off-peak), because it can enable you to schedule your charging for cheaper rate periods.

2. Boost Mode

With Boost Mode you can override your charging schedule to immediately start charging your EV at full power. Handy in case your plans change and you want to top up right away. Boost Mode might not be the cheapest or greenest way to charge your car but it is the fastest! To Boost, simply press the button on your app or on your charger.

3. Charge with the sun

If you’ve got solar panels, your EV charger can use the power you’re generating to charge your car, making the most of all that free sunshine energy! To use solar power when it’s available, simply click on the ‘Use solar’ switch in the scheduling section of the app.

Your EV will need to be plugged in and available power needs to be higher than 6 Amps, or 1.4kW, for your EV to be able to use it.

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