How to prepare for your fuss-free EV charger survey

Lisa Stenshenko | 28/11/2022

Once you're signed up for our Egg EV Charger Plan, you can select our fuss-free EV charger survey instead of completing your pre-install checks yourself. Read how to prepare for our trusted surveyors.

At a Glance

We want to make sure your installation goes right the first time, with no additional surprise costs on the day

Our fuss-free survey involves us completing your pre-install checks for you rather than doing them yourself

After you’ve signed up to our Egg EV Charger Plan on the website you will have either signed up to complete your pre-install checks yourself or to have a fuss-free survey with our partner, Roamler.

We need to collect information before your installation to make sure there are no nasty surprises on the day that we arrive. These photos and information the technicians gather mean we can be fully prepared for your installation by taking the right equipment with us and allocating enough time to complete your installation for you.

The person coming to carry out your survey is only there to collect information for us to review back here at Egg HQ. Please save any questions you have about your charger or installation for us. We can answer these 24/7 on our chatbot, Ezra.

In your fuss-free EV charger installation survey, we will take a few photos and ask you for some information. In order to prepare for our visit, we need you to locate a few things - then just leave the rest to us!

  1. Locate and submit your MPAN number

  2. Locate your gas and electricity meters

  3. Locate your water-stop cock

If you know where all of these are, then you've got nothing to do to prepare for your pre-installation survey. You will just need to be able to show us on the day!

1. How to find my MPAN number

Your MPAN number is a unique 13-digit number that allows electricity providers to quickly and easily identify your meter.

There are typically three places where you can find your MPAN number:

  1. Electricity bill

  2. Your electricity provider

  3. Your local electricity distributor

If you’re looking for your MPAN number on your electricity bill, it will look like this:

For our pre-install checks, we will only need the last 13 digits that are circled above.

Just a word of warning: sometimes the MPAN number is referred to as a supply number, but it will always constitute 13 digits.

I can’t find my bill

Don’t worry! If you cannot find your electricity bill, you can call your provider and ask them for your MPAN number.

Who is my provider?

If you are unsure about who your provider is, then you can visit the Energy Networks Association website and enter your postcode. Once you do that, you will be given your provider’s name and phone number. Below you can see an image of a rough outline of electricity providers across the UK.

2. Locate your gas and electricity meters

Here is a photo of a gas meter:

Here is a photo of an electricity meter:

3. Locate your water stop-cock

We're looking to check if your water is grounded and therefore electrically safe. We can tell this by either seeing green and yellow wires attached to your water pipe or a plastic incoming water pipe.

Your water earthing and bonding is normally located by your water stop-cock (where you turn off the water to your house). If you don't know where this is, someone else in your house likely will, so you should check with everyone in the house. It may be hidden behind a cupboard or drawer or under your sink.

The last step? Wait for our trusted surveyors!

Hopefully this guide has been helpful in preparing you for your fuss-free home survey. Already had your pre-install checks completed? Now you just need to be prepared for your installation day!

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