Swindon Borough Council support growing, low carbon economy

| 27/01/2022

Find out how our team at Egg have supported Swindon Borough Council with destination EV charging, enabling their drivers to go green

At a Glance

The Egg team partnered with Swindon Borough Council to design and manage four new EV charging stations

Helping to make EV charging easy and simple for everyone - what we do best

The demand for EV charging facilities in towns and cities is growing. With over 4,500 ultra low-emission vehicles registered in Swindon in 2019, Swindon Borough Council wanted to support their drivers in going green.

That’s why they partnered with our team at Egg to design, supply and install EV charging for their employees and the public.

Swindon’s contribution to the UK’s net zero carbon emissions target

Swindon Borough Council wanted to make a real and lasting contribution to the UK’s target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. With a key priority of improving the town’s infrastructure to support the growing low-carbon economy, their new electric vehicle charging points are ticking all the boxes.

Our award-winning Egg team partnered with the council to design and manage the installation of four new charging stations across two sites - the Civic Offices and Wat Tyler House. 

EV charging that’s right for now, and for the future

Since we know the only way is up for electric vehicle travel, we knew we needed to future-proof the installation. By upgrading the distribution board in the Civic Offices, the site is already prepared to grow and add additional charging stations without any further upgrades. So as more drivers make the switch and need to charge their electric cars, Swindon Borough Council know they can add new charging stations without the hassle of changing the current infrastructure. 

The Ensto Chago Wallbox and the Ensto Chago Pro were installed across the two sites. They’re two of our most popular charging stations, and we totally see why. They’re both easy-to-use dual 22kW charging points, allowing four vehicles to be charged at the same time.

Making EV charging simple for everyone

Back-office connectivity allows Swindon Council to bill EV drivers a fair rate for using the publicly accessible charging stations. The charging operating system allows drivers to plug the charging cable into the car’s charging socket, before simply swiping a fob or using the charging app to pay. 

This additional revenue stream for the council offsets the cost of the charging hardware and installation, as well as the ongoing operation and maintenance of the solution.

Taking care of EV charging stations

Egg’s maintenance package really is the full package - so Swindon Borough Council have no worries when it comes to making sure their new charging stations are taken care of. All four of their electric car chargers are registered with our 24/7 support service, who remotely monitor or diagnose the installation through our cloud-based management platform. And if any of the drivers experience issues while using the chargers, they can simply contact us on our 24/7 customer helpline.

Here’s what Cllr Kevin Parry, Mayor of Swindon and Hyundai electric car driver, had to say.

“We know that switching to electric vehicles is a massive change for people and we want to make it easy for them to own and run these sorts of cars, and these new charging points are a brilliant way of achieving that.”

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