Vehicle to grid charging in Corby Council

Team Egg | 01/09/2021

Vehicle to grid chargers are now up and running in Corby Council. Team Egg are thrilled to be part of the installation as part of an exciting E-Flex co-innovation project. 

At a Glance

Find out what vehicle-to-grid technology is

And why we need it to support a sustainable future.

Vehicle to grid chargers are now up and running in Corby Council. Egg were thrilled to be part of the installation as part of Corby Council’s exciting E-Flex co-innovation project. 

The aim of this part of the project was to use active electric vehicles in real-world fleets so local residents could see the value of V2G technology. Corby Council also wanted to show commercial fleet owners how V2G charging can bring down the demand that electric vehicles can put on our energy networks. 

What is V2G charging?

V2G chargers are a two-way method of passing energy to and from an EV. This vehicle to grid technology means electric vehicles can store energy and, if necessary, give it back to the grid. The energy given back to the grid can then be used when energy use is higher - for example, when you’re back from work and cooking your dinner at the end of a long day.

Vehicle to grid charging means you can increase and decrease the charging of your car, depending on when you need it most. 

Why do we need V2G charging? 

Not only do V2G chargers help you to do your bit and help the planet, you’ll benefit from the same kind of low running costs you’d expect from smart chargers. Not to mention you’ll see all of their smart features, and cut energy bills to help you save some hard-earned pennies.

This vehicle to grid method is designed to keep CO2 emissions low, keep the grid stable and probably most importantly, support a more sustainable future.

This is just the beginning

At Egg, we’re busy working on more V2G charging trials around the country. It looks like more counties want to commit to getting on the EV train. 

We’ll keep you posted as we work towards a cleaner, more sustainable world. We’re determined to do our bit to help achieve carbon emission targets.

Read more about cracking clean energy with Egg.

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