Recharge while you charge: 5 Things you can do while you charge your car

Team Egg | 06/02/2023

Stay productive or entertained while your EV charges at home with these 5 ideas to make the most of your charging time.

At a Glance

How to recharge your own batteries alongside your EV

Why there’s a lot to love about the convenience of EV charging at home

There is no doubt that the grass (and the emissions) are greener on the EV side. 

Think cleaner air, lower fuel costs, and a hassle-free at-home charging experience that doesn’t even require you to step out of the house. Well, maybe just to your garage.

While there’s a lot to love about the convenience of EV charging at home, you might be worried about the downtime required to charge the battery. A full charge with a fast 7.2kW (for an EV with a 60kWh battery) charger will take up to 4-6 hours, giving you enough charge to drive between 100 and 150 miles. You can choose to charge your car for a shorter period if you’re not planning to travel far. 

Whether the wait is a few minutes long (as it is with most rapid chargers), or a handful of hours, you might want to recharge your own batteries alongside your EV. 

Stay productive or entertained while your EV charges at home with these 5 ideas to make the most of your charging time:

1. Take that well-deserved nap or a big sleep-in after a long day!

Charge your EV overnight without ever knowing it’s being charged! With smart app controls, you have complete control of your EV charging times. Sleep debt, it’s time to pay you off once and for all. No early mornings just to charge your car. Simply plug in before you go to sleep or before you take that well-deserved nap! 

2. Start the hobby that you’ve been wanting to take up

We all have that one hobby we would like to pursue. You know the one? If only we had the time, right?  Well, now you do! Whether it’s learning how to play an instrument, reading a book, or playing footie, you could use this time to master your craft of choice. Books on the Tube, you have competition! 

3. Meal prep for the long week ahead

Meal prepping is perhaps the easiest way to schedule your meals for the week in one go. The concept is tempting but hard to follow through – time being one of the biggest challenges. Typically, meal prep takes anywhere from 1-2 hours considering all the steps from planning to prepping and cooking to storing. Use this time productively and you’ll not just be driving green but eating green too!

4. Run errands with emphasis on ‘run’ - your car is charging, remember?

Need to grab milk? Drop your children off at the bus stop? Take the trash out? Run to the bank? We could go on! There are so many little errands that stack up over the week, leaving us exhausted on the weekends when they’re really meant for us to decompress after a long week. Why not utilise this time productively to sort out your laundry or run to the grocery store?

5. Supercharge your batteries with Eggercise!       

Most of us spend an inordinate amount of time sitting at our desks. At best, we can afford a stretch at lunch breaks or between shifts. Then there’s the dread of looking at your step count and knowing that you just aren’t moving enough. And the worst of all, squeezing in time for a workout early in the morning or after work is just not possible for everyone.

We recommend…you know it by now! Yup, charge your batteries while you charge your EV with a nice workout session. 

There’s a lot more you can do while your EV charges but for now, we’ll leave you with our top 5 recommendations. You could just do nothing, using this time to melt into the sofa - that counts too! 

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