What do the lights on my charger mean?

Tash Horn | 25/01/2022

If you ever face a problem with your charger, our handy guide can help get you back up and charging again in no time

At a Glance

See what your charger should look like once it's up and running

Read our handy troubleshooting tips if something doesn't quite look right

Where are the lights on my charger?

What you'll see when your charger is working normally...


The charger is set up and in Smart Mode. Your charger will charge your car based on the settings in your App.


The charger is boosting at full power. Any schedules are overridden in Boost Mode.

Flashing blue

A Software update is in progress. Make sure that the unit is not disconnected from the internet or turned off.


The charger is powering up and running its start-up sequence that lasts for about 30 seconds. Don’t plug the charger into your car.


The charger is using solar power to charge your car in Solar Matching Mode.

All off

Your car is not connected, plug in your car to get charging

White cycling downwards

Sit back and relax, your car is charging

All white

The charger is currently idle and not charging. Your cable might be disengaged if you see this.

All white flashing

The charger knows a car is connected but is currently idle. Either the car is fully charged or awaiting a scheduled charge. If neither of the above applies, drop Ezra a message and we can get you through to our technical support team.

Troubleshooting using your charger’s lights

If you ever face a problem with your charger, the Primary Status Light can help to give an indication of what’s happening by looking at its colour or flashing pattern.

If you’ve followed the steps below, but are still having trouble, you can type “Open a tech support ticket for my charger” into our helpful chatbot, Ezra.

All lights off - The unit has no power

What should I do?

  1. Check the mains wiring and make sure that all connections are correct

  2. Ensure that all power switches are on

  3. Check your connections again

Purple, 1 flash repeating - It's connected to the internet but can’t connect to the smart charging platform

If this isn’t helping, copy this message into Ezra, our virtual assistant and we will get back to you ASAP

“Troubleshooting hasn’t worked”

Purple, 2 or 3 repeating flashes - There is a problem with the connection to the internet

Perform a hard reboot on the unit

If your charger is hard-wired to your router, restart that

Red, flashing or solid - The charger has encountered a fault

Perform a hard reboot on the unit

How to perform a hard reboot

  1. Find the main power breaker for the charger in your meter unit

  2. Find the box that has an "EVSE" sticker on it

  3. Flip this off, wait 30 seconds and then flip it back on again

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