Unveiling the Solar Showdown: Egg's Super Sunny vs. Shade Optimised Solar Packages

Team Egg | 10/10/2023

Egg's Super Sunny vs. Shade Optimised Solar Packages

At a Glance

Which solar package is right for you?

Explore Egg's Super Sunny and Shade Optimised Solar Packages

Hey there, solar enthusiasts!

Are you ready to embark on a solar-powered journey that not only makes the planet greener but also helps you save big on energy bills? At Egg, we're thrilled to introduce two stellar solar packages that can revolutionise your energy game: the "Super Sunny Solar Package" and the "Shade Optimised Solar Package."

Let's dive right in and shed some light on these amazing options.

Super Sunny Solar Package: Soaking Up the Sun!

Our Super Sunny Solar Package is like the classic sun-soaked hero in the world of solar offerings. It's your traditional yet powerful solar solution, aligning with most systems you'll find in the market today.

Who's it Designed For?

Perfect for anyone craving a cost-effective solar package to harness the sun's power. If your roof basks in uninterrupted sunlight, this system is your match made in solar heaven. And guess what? You can even throw in battery storage to maximise your savings!

The Perks

Affordable, cost-effective system

Almost identical benefits to some pricier options

Ideal energy production in unshaded conditions

Things to Keep in Mind

Ideal for shading-free roofs

Each panel doesn’t work independently – so it’s a little more time consuming to find a fault if one occurs

Shade Optimised Solar Package: Sun or Shade, We've Got You Covered!

Now, let's talk about our Shade Optimised Solar Package—a game-changer for those dealing with shading issues. Whether it's a pesky tree casting shadows or even peskier neighbouring buildings blocking the sun, this package is designed to overcome shade challenges and ensure optimum energy production.

Who's it Designed For?

Perfect for anyone with roofs prone to shading or those seeking maximum solar production, rain or shine.

The Perks

Enhanced system efficiency, even in partially shaded conditions

Individual panel performance tracking

Improved overall system efficiency compared to non-optimised systems

Things to Keep in Mind

Slightly higher upfront cost, but, we think, worth every penny

Ideal for properties with shading concerns

In a nutshell, think of it like this: the Super Sunny Solar Package is like having one hosepipe supplying water to all your plants. If a section of the hosepipe gets restricted, it affects the entire water flow. On the other hand, the Shade Optimised Solar Package gives you eight separate hosepipes—ensuring each one functions optimally, even if a few face restrictions.

Ready to make a solar-powered splash? With either package, you're contributing to a brighter, greener tomorrow while enjoying cost savings. And remember, at Egg, we've got the solutions to suit your unique solar needs!

Stay sunny,

Team Egg 🌞

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