Revealed: The UK has finally reached a verdict on the 'Big Light' debate

team egg | 30/06/2024

We've surveyed the nation to settle the big light debate once and for all - and the verdict is officially in. Are we a nation of big light enthusiasts? The answer may surprise you.

At a Glance

We look at the areas of the UK most likely to switch on or off when it comes to the big light.

We unpick the nation's attitudes towards sustainability and the energy saving habits they're adopting at home to save on their energy bills.

It’s been an age-old debate in UK homes for decades but the ‘big light’ 💡 continues to divide the nation when it comes to ‘off’ or ‘on’. We decided to settle things once and for all and surveyed* the nation’s attitudes towards the big light and energy saving hacks at home. Are we a nation of big light lovers? 💛 Read on to find out…

What is 'the big light'?

If you've walked into a room exclaiming: "It's like Blackpool illuminations in here!", the chances are you're referring to what we commonly know as 'the big light'.

This is typically the brightest and most central light fixture such as the main ceiling light, as opposed to smaller, more ambient sources of light like table lamps, floor lamps, or wall sconces.

The debate about whether to use the 'big light' often centres on preferences for bright, direct lighting versus softer, more diffuse lighting options.

Which areas of the UK are most likely to switch off when it comes to the big light?

Whilst 46% of the UK are firm believers in turning off the big light, 14.5% of us admit to using it regularly.  

Liverpool and Leeds are waging the campaign against the big light, whilst those living in London, Leicester, Birmingham and Cambridge are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to switching on. 

Sheffield shone brightest however, with only 35% of those surveyed in favour of turning it off.

Where is it most acceptable to use the big light?

We shine a light on the rooms in your home where you believe it’s most acceptable to use the big light. Here’s how they stack up:

First Place: The Kitchen

When it comes to whipping up a storm in the kitchen, 64% found the big light to be a useful ingredient. 

Second Place: The Living Room

57% of people surveyed were happy to catch up on Death In Paradise under the rays of the big light in the living room. 

Third Place: The Bathroom

46% relied on the big light whilst soaking in the tub, brushing their pearly whites and popping to the loo. 

Fourth Place: The Bedroom

27% decided the bedroom was an acceptable place to turn on the big light. What’s wrong with you people!?

Fifth Place: The Dining Room

Only 24% of those surveyed said they’d use the big light in the dining room with most opting to eat their dinner by candlelight. How romantic!

Why the UK is switching off

30% of the UK think that having the big light on is a waste of money, whilst 24% fear it can make their energy bills higher.

But turning off the big light isn't the only way us Brits are saving energy...

  • Choosing to take a shower rather than a bath

  • Turning off the lights when leaving a room

  • Using LED light bulbs

...all proved to be the popular sustainable rituals homeowners are adopting to reduce their carbon footprints and protect their wallets against rising energy costs. However, some areas of the UK are getting even more creative when it comes to energy efficiency:

How the nation is trying to be more energy efficient

According to our research:

  • 60% of you said you'd like your home to be more sustainable and energy efficient

  • 73% said they'd consider (or already have) solar panels to help make this happen

  • 61% said cost continues to be the main barrier for those wanting to install clean energy solutions in their home

In response to this, we've set out to democratise clean energy with our 0% APR finance plan** that will allow more people to pay back their Solar & Storage installation in affordable monthly payments over 12, 24 or 36 months. 🙌

Are you ready to take the next step in making your home an energy efficient haven?

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*Research of 1,000 UK home owners and renters was commissioned by egg and conducted by Perspectus Global via an online survey during May 2024

**T&Cs apply. 18+. Subject to status. Finance provided by Phoenix Renewables Limited trading as egg

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