Cadent: Energising its workplaces to support staff with EV charging

Team Egg | 01/02/2023

Cadent has recently invested in charging infrastructure at its newly built offices in Coventry and Wolverhampton, allowing employees with electric cars to conveniently charge up whilst at work.

At a Glance

A total of 37 Etrel chargers have been installed across the two offices

These chargers have provided convenient charging for employees and visitors, benefitting anyone unable to have a charge point installed at home.

At Egg our experts have been supporting businesses in delivering future-ready energy solutions for over 12 years.

Cadent, a leading player in the UK’s journey to net zero and hydrogen future, has recently invested in charging infrastructure at their offices in Coventry and Wolverhampton allowing employees with electric cars to conveniently charge up when they come to work.

EV charging at work

At Ansty Park, Cadent’s newly-built support centre in Coventry, Egg has installed 32 Etrel Inch Duo chargers, providing fast charging (80% charge in 3 hours) for both employees and visitors to use.

This allows up to 64 EV drivers to plug in and charge at the same time, with four of these sockets being dedicated to accessible needs drivers.

Egg has also installed a further 5 Etrel Inch Duo chargers at Cadent’s newest depot offices in Wolverhampton.

All benefitting from fast and hassle-free contactless card payments, where there’s no need to download an app or register with a charging network - it’s tap and go payment technology.

A future with Egg

From planning to installation and maintenance, Egg can take care of any EV charging solution, so you can take care of business.

Our 24/7 support service also means our Egg team can remotely monitor and diagnose any issues through our cloud-based management platform - and anyone using the charging unit can contact us on our 24/7 customer helpline.

The convenient benefit of charging at work will be sure to keep your workforce commuters happy and boost your sustainability credentials.

Ready to find out more about workplace EV charging with Egg?

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