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team egg | 20/09/2022

Here at Egg, we’ve made charging your electric car at home more affordable and accessible for all.

At a Glance

What is our EV Charger Plan?

What is Egg Plus?

Here at Egg, we’ve made charging your electric car at home more affordable and accessible for all.

Electric cars are the future but aren’t as unachievable as people think. They can be (and already are) driven and charged by real families. Shouldn’t the prices match that?

When it comes to charging at home with Egg, you can pay your way.

From £29/month spread over 3 years through our EV Charger Plan or from £1,044 upfront for a choice of charger and its installation

Let’s get into the details.

First off, what do you get?

  • You’ll get one of Egg’s premium smart chargers, tried and tested by their experts, without any huge upfront costs. You have the choice of a charger from Autel or from EO, with the option of socket-only (untethered) or cable-attached (tethered) models. Once it’s installed, it’s all yours.

  • If anything happens, with our Egg EV Charger Plan and repair-or-replace promise (Egg Plus), we’ll be there in a flash to fix it.

  • Smart charging app. Control and optimise your EV charging from your phone to charge at greener and cheaper times.

  • Dedicated customer support. When you have your new electric car charger installed you won’t be left to your own devices (literally). When you’re with Egg, we’ve got you covered from before, during, and after your installation for total peace of mind.

Pay upfront for your EV charger

  • Choice of a socket-only charger or cable-attached charger (from £1,044)

  • The upfront cost covers your charger and its standard installation, including VAT

  • Our repair-or-replace promise, Egg Plus, for £3 a month for 3 years with 0% APR

  • You own your EV charger

Pay monthly for your EV charger

Our EV Charger Plan. Let’s break it down.

EV charger and installation (from £29/month)

  • Choice of a socket-only charger or cable-attached charger

  • One loan for your charger & install

  • 0% APR Representative over 3 years

  • You own your EV charger

Egg Plus (£3/month)

  • £3 monthly subscription

  • Service subscription with repair-and-replace promise

  • 3-year minimum term and monthly rolling thereafter

What is Egg Plus?

Egg Plus is the monthly service subscription that takes the hassle off you and leaves it all to us.

When it comes to the likes of traditional warranties, you’ll more often than not pay hidden fees for diagnosing issues and re-installation. With our £3/month service subscription, Egg Plus, you're covered.

What does Egg Plus offer?

Remote monitoring & troubleshooting

  • If your charging issue needs more investigating, quickly request support online and our service team will be in touch. No boring hold music to listen to!

  • From rebooting to running diagnostics, we can remotely troubleshoot your charger to understand any problems quickly

No fuss repair-or-replace

  • We’ll repair any issues quicker than any warranty would, with no hidden charges

  • From any unexpected brakdown, we'll do whatever it takes to get you back up and running

  • Even if it’s out of your control and outside standard warranty, we’ll come and fix it

  • In most situations (70% of repairs), we can fix your charger remotely, meaning we can get you back on the road even quicker

  • Smart connectivity solutions: ensure your charger's online and giving you access to it's smart features whether you have WIFI, 4G, or a hardwired connection.

  • From error lights to network connection issues, everything is covered for complete peace of mind.

  • What's not covered with the plan? Accidental or intentional damage to your charger or any equipment we've supplied is not covered. We will be able to repair any faults should this happen, however the materials and labour may be chargeable. We'll diuscuss this with you prior to starting any repairs.

Smart charging EV app

  • You have total control of charging your EV through our smart charging app

  • Easily monitor your charging progress

  • (Due to smart charging regulations) Your charging is defaulted to charge at off-peak times when energy is cheaper and greener, but you can always change this to a schedule that best suits you

Dedicated customer support

  • Support before, during, and even after you have finished paying for your charger and installation (if you continue with Egg Plus)

  • Our team of technical experts are on hand to help with any technical issues Mon-Fri 9-5:30

So, what will you be charging with?

From £1,044 upfront (+£3/month Egg Plus) or £29/month over 3 years (+£3/month Egg Plus)

However you want to pay, get cracking.

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