Does my Tesla car need a Tesla charger?

Elisha Keep | 04/05/2022

If you’re thinking about owning an EV, or you already own one, you might be wondering if your car needs a particular compatible charger. Let’s find out.

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If you own a Tesla or you’re thinking about making the switch to an EV, you may have a few questions about home charging

Get all the answers to your burning questions below and see why our Egg subscription could solve all your home charging worries

Tesla could be the first brand that pops into your head when you think of an electric vehicle. The Californian car maker started working on the Tesla Roadster back in 2004. They’ve since become the first manufacturer to pass the 1 million global sales mark. As a result, they’re one of the most recognised EV manufacturers, so you’d be forgiven for thinking of them first. 

If you’re thinking about owning, or you already own a Tesla, you might be wondering if your car needs a Tesla charger. Let’s find out.

Our Egg chargers work with all EVs

Great news for consumers. At Egg, all our services are fully compatible with all electric vehicles currently on the market. This means that if you’re planning to make the switch to an electric vehicle, you’re able to take advantage of hassle-free charging with us. 

A Tesla branded charger can set you back quite a bit. The cost of installation alone can range anywhere from £200 - £1000. Luckily, there are other options available.

EV charging doesn’t have to break the bank

Whether you own a Tesla or other EV model, the convenience of at home charging is essential to getting the most out of your vehicle. 

It’s our mission to make EV at home charging as easy as possible for every EV user. 

Our unique EV charging subscription service provides the smartest charger available on the market. For just £30 per month you can enjoy the reliability and convenience of at home charging. 

What’s the best way to charge a Tesla?

It’s recommended that you plug in every evening to top up the battery. The same goes for all other types of EVs. 

That way you can be fully charged and ready to go at any time. Charging overnight means you can also take advantage of potential off-peak energy savings. 

Total charging control at your fingertips

Our handy app allows you to monitor charging and schedule charging to best suit your needs. The app makes it simple to track how much you’re spending on charging. 

You can also get help and support from within the app. The aim of the game is to make sure charging your EV at home is easy, cleaner and greener.

Can I charge my Tesla on the go?

You can take advantage of Superchargers when on the move. When you’re using a Supercharger, the onboard charger of the vehicle is bypassed, providing your vehicle with 250kW of direct current charging. 

This results in a much faster charging experience but is normally only recommended for long distance journeys. Charging at home remains the best option for convenience. 

You can use ZapMap all over the UK to find charge points nearby. This makes charging on the go simple and easy. 

How does Egg installation work?

If you’re looking to get set up with an at-home charger for your Tesla, look no further. Set up couldn’t be easier. 

Most of our customers are eligible for free installation. The first thing we’ll do is ask you some questions to check eligibility. We’ll then get your installation day booked for a day and time that works for you. Our expert engineers will have you up and running in no time. 

Tesla charging you can rely on

All of our chargers go through rigorous testing, ensuring your Tesla will always be reliably charged and ready to go when you need it. 

Our chargers are weather protected and work at an optimum level come rain, sleet or snow. With Egg, you get at home EV charging that’s convenient and reliable. 

Safety first

Not only are our EV chargers the safest on the market but they can dynamically change the maximum power provided to the charger depending on what other appliances are being used in your home. This means you’ll never have to worry about blowing a fuse. 

Have peace of mind with safe and smart Tesla charging from the comfort of your home. 

Change of plan?

Plans change, it’s part of life. 

As we mentioned earlier, you can use your app to set a charging schedule that works for you. But if you need a juice boost for your Tesla, you can override your schedule at any time to get your EV fully charged when you need it. 

That’s the kind of convenience we’re all about. 

What if I move house?

The best part of having an EV charger at home is the freedom and flexibility. Having a fully charged Tesla or other EV without leaving the house is as convenient as it gets. 

That doesn’t have to change if you move house. We can help relocate your Egg EV charger to your new home. Hassle-free and seamlessly, we’ll have you up and running again in no time at all. 

What happens if I sell my car?

No problem! 

Your Egg subscription has no minimum term and can be cancelled at any time with only 30 days' notice. If you’ve bought that Tesla and over time find that it’s just not for you, you’re not tied into lengthy contracts with us. 

You’re always fully covered

If you were to buy a Tesla wall connector you’re only covered for 48 months. The warranty for a charging adaptor is even less, covering you for only 12 months. 

At Egg, we offer full maintenance cover for as long as you’re with us. Our chargers are built for reliability, but if anything does go wrong we offer a 2 day repair or replace guarantee. You can always rely on us to keep you on the road. 

If you’ve bought a Tesla or you’re thinking about making the switch to an EV, we’re here to make at home charging easy and seamless. 

Get your at home installation booked now and enjoy the freedom of charging your EV when it suits you. If you have a question about any of what we’ve talked about, we’d love to hear from you. 

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