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Team Egg | 17/10/2023

3 Things you can do today to reduce your carbon footprint

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What's a carbon footprint and how can you reduce it?

We'll look at transport, the home and single-use plastics.

As children, we were often fascinated by the small things. The sound of a bumblebee, the colour of the moon, or the magic of bubbles. We found these things so charming because of our innate curiosity. These small things had a significant impact on our development, and we learned that even something tiny can be impactful. 

Think back to your childhood for a moment. You’re standing at the edge of a pond, your bare feet tickled by the flow of the water, your legs brushed by the tall grass. You’re holding what you believe to be the perfect pebble in your hand. It’s soft, perfectly round, and light enough to hold - yet heavy enough to make you feel powerful. You’re suddenly compelled by your curiosity, you let your thoughts guide your next move. You toss it. And as you do, you watch as the ripples fan out - touching every corner of the water’s edge. You learn an important lesson in this moment. Small actions can have a big impact. 

In a way, if we had to compare our human existence to this lesson, every action or thought is that pebble. And every consequence or result is a ripple in the water! 

So, let’s be childlike - and let’s embrace the small things that we can do to make a big difference. Today, we’re talking about decreasing our carbon footprint. 

What exactly is a carbon footprint? But before we dive into this exciting adventure, let's demystify the term "carbon footprint." It's not some cryptic code; think of it as your planet pawprint, a mark you leave with every choice you make. Calculating it is like looking into a magic mirror—it shows you the real impact of your everyday life.

"Why bother?" you might ask. Well, knowing where you stand is the first step toward being a planet-saving superhero. It's about being part of nature's dance and promising to dance lightly. 

Here are 3 small actions that you can take today to reduce your carbon footprint. 

1. Transport As we journey through life, our paths often intersect with the relentless hum of vehicles that shape our modern world. Private transport, while convenient, is also one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions. In the UK and the US, the transport sector bears the weight of responsibility, emitting more greenhouse gases than any other.

For those with cars, consider this: even a small reduction in your daily drive can make a substantial difference. In many cases, car journeys cover relatively short distances—a perfect opportunity to embrace alternatives. Walking or biking not only reduces emissions but also breathes fresh air into your daily routine. And for longer journeys, where available, public transport emerges as a beacon of sustainability, casting a smaller carbon shadow than your car. An even better solution? Consider going electric! When it comes to embracing electric vehicles (EVs), the benefits are as clear as day. With EVs, you'll experience a substantial reduction in 'fuel' costs, spending only around £3 to £5 per 100 miles, compared to the £13 to £16 typically incurred by combustion engine vehicles. If you're a frequent traveller in central London, you'll also enjoy the perk of exemption from both the congestion charge and the ULEZ charge, translating to a significant daily saving of £27.50.  EVs are designed with simplicity in mind, boasting fewer moving parts and eliminating the need for oil changes, resulting in considerably lower maintenance costs. Plus, you'll be pleased to know that EVs are exempt from road tax, making your eco-conscious choice not only beneficial for the environment but also for your pocket. It's a win-win!

2. In the home Our homes, those sanctuaries of warmth and comfort, are also sources of significant emissions. Heating, especially in regions reliant on fossil fuels, stands as a significant contributor to global warming. In the EU, heating devours 63% of household energy consumption, while in the UK, it's responsible for a third of emissions.

Simply dialling down your thermostat by a degree or two can slash your heating bill by 10% while reducing emissions.

For a more profound transformation, consider the installation of a heat pump. These marvels of technology harvest existing heat from the air, ground, or water and redistribute it, all while emitting no carbon if powered by renewables. It's a warm embrace for the planet and your budget.

3. Choose to avoid the use of plastics Plastic, the ubiquitous companion of modern life, has roots in fossil fuels and it’s known for overstaying its welcome. Its journey from production to disposal is filled with environmental challenges, but here's where you can make a difference—starting small but dreaming big. Begin with the single-use culprits. Swap plastic for packaging options like glass bottles and cardboard boxes. Even laundry products have traded their plastic casings for eco-friendly cardboard. Supermarkets and doorstep services now offer refillable containers, turning everyday shopping into a sustainable act. And don't forget the bathroom—the final frontier. Swap out your plastic toiletries for solid or refillable options, or give bamboo toothbrushes a try!

As we wrap up this adventure, remember: it's not about the size of the pebble but the magic it creates on the water's surface. The actions we take today, no matter how small, create ripples that touch lives yet to come.

We're not just ordinary people; we're planet-savers, guardians of the Earth, and heroes of sustainability. Let's embrace these changes not as chores but as opportunities to rewrite the story of our planet.

Join us in creating ripples of change. Share your eco-friendly adventures or explore Egg Cracking Energy's sustainable solutions to become a planet-saving superhero. Together, we'll create waves of hope in an ocean of possibility.

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