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Reduce your electricity bills with solar
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It's the perfect time to embrace green energy with our solar and storage finance options. 0% APR spread over 12 or 24 months, £0 deposit and nothing to pay until after your system is installed.*

At Egg, we've been powering the change to green energy for our happy customers for over 10 years. We're on-hand to help you every step of the way; from designing solutions that work for your needs, to seamless installation of your solar panels and battery storage.

*Finance is only available to UK residents aged 18 or over, subject to status. Terms apply.

Solar & Storage
Solar & Storage

Save your solar for later

Store cheap off-peak energy

Monitor your savings on your app

Protect yourself from power-cuts

Sizes to suit you from 5.8kWh to 13.5kWh

Industry leading brands including Tesla

10-year product warranty

Solar & Storage
Solar Only

Super Sunny or Shade Optimised

Custom designed solutions if you have full sunlight or shading on your roof

Sleek all black panel design

Industry leading performance panels & warranties

Monitor your savings on your app

Flexible & affordable solar

Embrace affordable green energy with our solar and storage financing options. Benefit from flexible loans, no upfront costs with £0 deposit, and the ease of no payments until installation.

Our all-inclusive pricing covers everything from assessment to installation and equipment registration, ensuring a seamless transition to sustainable energy.

Invest in your future with our comprehensive and affordable solar solutions.

This calculator has been designed to give you an estimate of how much a loan could cost each month, and an approximate indication of estimated savings. This is just an example and the actual savings you get depends on your own personal circumstances, in addition to the actual design you choose, with all quotes subject to final credit checks.

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T&Cs apply. 18+. Subject to status. Finance provided by Phoenix Renewables Limited trading as Egg, W6 8BS.

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Solar panel solutions to suit your home

6-8 solar panel installation

Generate up to 3,261 kWh each year with 8 solar panels installed on your roof. Over the course of a year, combined with our 6 kWh small battery this could save you around £1,000 in electricity costs.

12 solar panel installation

Generate up to 4,891 kWh each year with 12 solar panels installed on your roof. Over the course of a year, combined with a 9 kWh battery, this could save you around £1,200 in electricity costs.

16 solar panel installation

Generate up to 6,522 kWh each year with 16 solar panels installed on your roof. Over the course of a year, combined with our 12kWh large battery, this could save you around £1,375 in electricity costs.

Why Egg?

Switching to solar panels is exciting - and we like to keep it that way. From our sales team to your dedicated project coordinator, we make stress-free solar a reality by keeping things simple.

Best-in-class products

We only use products that are tried, tested, effective and reliable. We tailor each solar panel system to your home (and budget). We offer shade optimised options and home batteries ranging from 3kWh to 13.5kWh. 

With you every step of the way

From enquiry to solar panel installation (and even after that!) we’re with you every step of the way to make sure your journey to clean energy is as hassle-free as possible. 

Stress-free installation

From scaffolding to the installation itself, you don't need to do a thing. After the average 4-day installation, all you'll be doing is immediately reaping the benefits from your new solar panel and battery storage system! 

Peace of mind

Imagine never needing to worry about energy bills! By installing solar panels and battery storage, you protect yourself against unpredictable electricity prices by generating your own clean energy at home. 

You're in control

Monitor and manage your electricity generation and usage through the app, as well as schedule off-peak times to store energy from the grid when it’s at its cheapest! 

Charge your electric car

If you've already made the switch to an electric car, you can charge it with the power from your solar panels, if you have a compatible EV charger installed at home. Now that's driving on sunshine! 

Award winning products and great value green energy solutions. Easy as ABC.

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Save money, and the planet while you’re at it

  • Simple, clean energy: Cut your carbon footprint by powering your home with renewable solar energy

  • Cheaper electricity bills: Reduce your electricity costs by as much as 90%

  • Day and night: Add a battery storage to your solar panel system and use solar electricity even at night

  • Find the right system

    Ready to take the first step to making your house into a green home? Enquire about a home solar and battery storage system with Egg today.

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    What our customers say

    Even though every home is a little bit different, most homes in the UK are suitable to install and benefit from solar. It’s the perfect choice if you're looking to reduce your energy bills and do your bit for the environment. The main things to watch out for are obstacles (skylights or dormer windows), too much shading, not enough roof space and poor roof condition. Our team of experts is on hand to use satellite images to talk these things through with you as part of the process here at Egg.

    Most studies have shown that powering your home with solar could cut your energy bills by as much as 90%. 90% savings over the duration of your 25-year performance warranty, is a lot of potential savings, so we think it's a no-brainer! There is also increasing evidence that solar panels can increase the value of your home, as more and more prospective buyers are looking for homes with renewable technologies already installed.

    Solar panels are most efficient when they receive direct sunlight. However, they can still produce electricity on cloudy or overcast days and even in indirect or diffuse sunlight (luckily for us in the UK).

    In short, Yes! Solar panel systems continue to generate electricity during the winter months, although their efficiency may be reduced compared to the rest of the year due a few factors, mainly the reduced number of daylight hours and a change in the angle of the sun.

    Solar panels are built to endure and are designed for a long and productive life. On average, you can expect your solar panels to keep producing clean, green energy for an impressive 25 to 30 years. Some may even continue working effectively for 40 years or more! So, if you're pondering the benefits of solar energy, rest assured that your investment will continue to shine for many years to come.

    In the UK, the best direction for solar panels is south-facing. Solar panels installed on a south-facing roof will receive the most sunlight throughout the day, maximising energy production. If you don't have a south-facing roof though, all is not lost, solar panels are still effective even if they don't face south. Our team of experts can help you understand how much you could generate if you have an East, West or North facing roof - you might be surprised!!

    Most installations of solar panels are considered to be a 'Permitted Development' and therefore don't require planning permission. However, you should check with your local planning authority if you live in a:

    • conservation area

    • area of outstanding natural beauty

    • national park

    • listed building

    We have installation dates available within 2 weeks.

    All our numbers come from modelling using standard guidance and calculations from MCS embedded into our design software, OpenSolar.

    Design Assumptions:

    1) You have a south-facing home that is not shaded and is sloped at 40 degrees.

    2) You have a standard roof type with 2 storeys

    3) You're home all day with an annual electricity consumption of 4,000 kWh

    4) Energy calculation assumptions: Our calculations are based on a customer switching from the average UK energy price cap unit rates to the combination of Octopus Go + Outgoing Lite available in March 2024: 49p/day standing charge, 30p/kWh peak time import (4am - midnight), 9p/kWh off-peak rate (midnight - 4am), 8p/kWh export tariff. We've called this tariff the egg tariff for the purpose of using this OpenSolar software. We assume an annual energy inflation of 7%.

    5) Our battery charging pattern has been set up to maximise savings: this means charging during off peak cheaper times, and when your system is generating.

    6) System performance assumptions: System Total losses: 0%, Inverter losses: 0%, Optimizer losses: 0%, Shading losses: 0%, Performance Adjustment: 0%, Output Calculator: MCS. Panel Orientations: 16 panels with Azimuth 180 and Slope 40.

    We offer a range of home batteries with storage capacity from 3kWh to 13.5kWh. To make sure you have plenty of storage capacity, to collect any excess solar energy generated, to use later when you need it (even when the sun has gone down).

    A home battery is a great way to ensure that you store any excess energy you generate from your solar panels to use later in the day when you need it – for example, in the evening when the sun has gone down. Especially if you’re not using as much energy during the day when your solar panels are generating energy, a battery makes sure you don’t lose out on that hard earned green energy – as without a battery, if you don’t use your solar energy it gets lost to the electricity grid. This means you’d instead have to rely on more expensive, less green energy from energy suppliers instead.

    Also, installing a battery at the same time as your new solar panels means your battery qualifies for the same VAT rate as solar (instead of 20%) – so getting them together gives you an extra smart saving!

    All of our home battery options come with an app which allows you to monitor the performance of your solar panel and battery storage system, including a live view of how power is moving between your solar panels, your battery, and your home.

    You absolutely can – but you should consider the benefit of doing so, which is significantly less if you don’t have solar panels. It is possible to sign up to a “time of use” tariff from your energy supplier (e.g. Economy 7) which would allow you to charge up with cheaper electricity overnight to use during the day for a modest saving, but with energy prices constantly changing we advise you give it some real thought first.