What is a battery storage system? (And other battery storage FAQs)

team egg | 27/10/2022

We talk a lot about battery storage and how you can benefit. But what is it exactly?

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How much battery storage do I need for my home?

Do I need planning permission for battery storage?

We’re breaking down the frequently asked questions about battery storage to help you understand how they can turn your house into a green home.

What is a battery storage system and how does it work?

Battery storage technologies are essential to speed up the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy. A smart way to maximise the return on investment from your solar panel system, a home battery stores any extra solar you generate so that you can use it later – even after the sun goes down.

An average of 50% of your solar power goes unused and is usually sold to and self-consumed by the grid. With a battery, that ‘lost’ energy is stored for later use.

With the addition of a home battery to the system, we would expect solar self-consumption to increase from 50% to up to 90%, saving you as much as 90% on your energy bills.

What’s more, you can even store energy from the grid during the night when energy is cheaper by being less in demand – and, with smart scheduling, monitor, manage and schedule its charge.

How much battery storage do I need for my home?

A battery can range from 2kWh to 15kWh sizes. But it all depends on how large your solar system is and how much power you and generating and losing. We can discuss all with you in your enquiry.

Our SolarEdge battery banks offer a 9.7kW hour usable energy which can do a continuous 5kW charge and discharge, along with off-peak charging capabilities.

Why should I invest in home battery storage?

From saving on your energy bills to helping in the darker months, there are tons of benefits of battery storage. We cover all the benefits of a home battery in our guide.

How much does battery storage cost?

Our batteries start from £6,900. If bought with a solar system, you don’t pay any VAT for your battery, thanks to the government’s cut of VAT on energy-saving materials.

Do I need to buy a battery system at the same time as my solar system?

It isn’t necessary to have your battery installed at the same time as your solar panels but, if they are installed at the same time, you don’t pay VAT on the battery as it is labelled as a solar installation.

Do home batteries come with a warranty?

Our home batteries come with a 10-year warranty.

Where can I have my battery fitted?

It’s entirely up to you! Most people opt to have their battery in their loft or garage, while others prefer to have it on display on the outside of their homes or even in their hallway.

Do I need planning permission for battery storage?

Most of the time, this won’t be necessary unless you live in a listed building, or your house is located in a conservation area or an area of natural beauty. The only permissions you may need would be through the DNO and G99 applications.

How can I monitor how much energy my system is generating?

Everything has an app nowadays, including a solar and battery set-up. Through this, you can monitor how much power your solar panels are generating, how much you use and sell to the grid, and how much you store in your battery – from your solar panels and the grid, thanks to smart scheduling.

Is it possible to store electrical energy?

Yes – and at night where energy is at its cheapest, too. That’s another reason why home batteries are so beneficial, especially when shorter daylight hours in winter come along. You’ll still generate power from your solar panels, but being able to gain and store energy from the grid without paying peak prices, as well, is a plus.

Are domestic battery storage systems safe?

Yes. Like solar panels, home batteries require little to no maintenance and have a 10-15 year lifespan (ours come with a 10-year warranty). They can be installed both inside or outside and have an operating temperature of -10°C to +50°C.

We say “We set and you forget” because, quite simply, as soon as it’s installed, you immediately reap the benefits.

How do I get battery storage?

You can head over to our solar or storage page or make your enquiry through our chatbot, Ezra (waving at the bottom right of your screen), who will ask you a few questions before handing it over to one of our experts. They will give you a ring to answer any questions and offer you a quote.

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