What you need to know before switching your fleet to electric

Team Egg | 28/09/2022

Get a head start on everything EV with Egg's quick guide to electrifying your fleet

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We understand that moving to EVs is a big change for any business, and that right now you perhaps have more questions than answers. That’s why we have pulled together this quick guide to help you get started with making the switch.  

Egg have been supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes gear up for an exciting, sustainable future since 2010, so let us share our expertise to give you a head start on everything EV. 

While electric vehicles are becoming more commonplace, there are a few things you might not have thought about. Transitioning from fuel to electric might sound intimidating, especially for a whole workplace and its fleet, but it doesn’t have to be. 

How much range do you need? 

Research always pays off when you’re making an investment. A good place to start is by calculating the average distance your fleet travels and will travel in their EVs. This will give you a better idea of how much range your new vehicles will need, and whether a hybrid might be a more suitable option. 

The average range of an EV varies a lot. A fully-charged vehicle can go anywhere between 100 to 300 miles without charging. Knowing the average annual mileage will help you to pick the right model to suit your business. For instance, if you’re a more local-based business, you’ll be looking for EVs for short, daily commutes and one with a smaller range will probably do the job nicely. On the other hand, if your fleet drives across the country on a regular basis, you’ll need EVs that can keep up.  

A big factor that holds people back from getting an EV is range anxiety. You might be worried that your drivers will end up stranded somewhere with a dead battery, and who can blame you? 

However, if you’re equipped with the facts, this shouldn’t be a problem. Once you know how much range you need, choosing the right car should be easy. And, whichever you pick, our chargers are compatible with all. 

How will you keep your fleet charged up and ready to roll? 

We’re so used to being able to fuel up fleet vehicles in minutes, so when moving to EVs you want to make sure your charging set-up works for you and doesn’t disrupt the daily operation of your business. Convenience is key.

If your fleet regularly visits your main headquarters or depot, then installing EV chargers there could be your answer. Perhaps your company vehicles are even parked overnight, giving you the perfect opportunity to get the battery charged up before the morning shift. 

However, even if your company fleet isn’t parked up for that length of time, choosing the right hardware to provide rapid charging can make this option work for you, but more on that later. 

Alternatively, you can consider home charging. With many businesses operating across the UK, it is common to have colleagues working regionally and remotely. Installing EV chargers at your team’s homes allows them to work more efficiently by starting their day or night shift with a full battery.  

Depot charging 

If charging your fleet in a central location like a depot works for you, then the next step is to consider how many vehicles do I need to charge at one time and how quickly do I need them to charge? This will help you to determine how many charging stations you require, what charging hardware fits the job and what impact this will have on the power supply. 

Good news is that Egg can help you answer all of these questions. Our multi-disciplinary team will support you through each stage of the process from consultation and design to service and support. And because we know your business depends on it, we only install equipment selected for its performance and durability. How do we know? Because we have exhaustively tested it ourselves. 

To help manage set-up costs, we also provide sophisticated dynamic load management. It means your existing power supply can be safely optimised, minimising network upgrade costs. And, as you grow and your requirements change, our future-proofed solutions can be simply and cost-effectively scaled up as needed. 

Home charging 

There are definitely cost savings to be made with electric fleet vehicles when it comes to maintenance, fuel and avoiding green zone charges. Charging at home is usually the cheapest and most convenient method for EV drivers.  

You might think you can plug an electric car into a conventional plug socket, but this should only be reserved for absolute emergencies. One, it’s not very safe. Two, the energy bill will skyrocket.  

The solution? A specially designed EV charger.  

EV chargers are made to be compatible with electric vehicles and will communicate properly with your car. Not only is a specialist electric charging station a much safer option, but it also makes for faster charging and the ability to take advantage of cheaper charging times through smart scheduling. 

If your team run their fleet vehicles from home, or both home and depot, Egg’s simple and efficient and cost-effective solutions will keep them charged up and ready for the day, or night, ahead. Our smart EV Management portal means you can easily stay on top of charger status and usage, giving you full visibility of costs. We work with Mina for auto-reimbursement, so your staff are effortlessly compensated for the costs of the power they use, and your accounts team will have one less job to do. 

Our driver support centre is even available 24/7, so if your team have a question or needs some help, it’s us they call, not you. 

What about charging on the go?  

There’ll be times when your drivers need some extra power on the go, especially with longer journeys. With advanced planning, your EV fleet can fit seamlessly into a daily routine.  

It’s a great idea to check what’s on offer in your local area and your destinations.  

You might be concerned about a lack of options, but don’t worry - the UK is moving with the times. As of 2021, there were at least 39,000 on-the-go charging points in the UK, and around 10,000 points for rapid charging.  

If you’re worried about finding these, Zap-Map is an app that allows you to find charging points wherever you are in the country. 

Keeping your fleet up and running  

Fleet operators will know all too well that unexpected downtime for any vehicle or team member can be costly. Ensuring your EV fleet is proactively serviced and maintained is essential to avoid unexpected costs, delays and unhappy customers. The same goes for your charging hardware. Egg’s smart EV Management Portal gives you all the info you need about charger status and usage. Plus, no matter where in the UK you are based, we’ll take care of all workplace, home or depot EV charge point servicing and maintenance, keeping everything safe, reliable, tested and up to date. Our driver support centre is even available 24/7, so we’re always on hand to help.  

 Electrifying your fleet or workplace only offers benefits – for you, your employees and your drivers. Let your team come to work and recharge. How many people can say they can do that? 

Interested or have any questions? Get in touch to get cracking. 

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