Bank holiday road trips in your electric car

Laura Kinsley | 05/04/2023

We're keeping that range anxiety at bay. Here are some fun UK days out that are in the range of your EV on a single charge - there and back again.

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Check out these great UK day out destinations that you can travel to in your EV on a single charge - there and back again.

Depending on the model, the average distance of an EV on one charge is between 300km to 500km. That’s approximately 100 to 300 miles.

One of the main reasons people have for not making the switch to an electric car is their range. It’s the dreaded ‘range anxiety’: the fear and thought of running out of juice mid-journey in the middle of the motorway.

But this fear couldn’t be more misplaced. Don’t let range anxiety keep you from your spring days out or bank holiday road trips.

We’re here to debunk the short-distance myths and, with the weather only getting warmer, recommend some UK destinations that are in the range of your EV on a single charge – there and back again.

How far can I drive in an EV?

Depending on the model, the average distance of an EV on one charge is between 300km to 500km. That’s approximately 100 to 300 miles. Much farther than what we’re led to believe, right?

Government statistics and data from the RAC black boxes reveal that “the average UK journey is around 10 miles, so most electric vehicles would be able to complete an entire week’s worth of commuting before needing to be plugged in.”

So, how far and where exactly can you go in your EV, there and back, on a single charge? Wherever you live, whether England, Wales or Scotland, we’ve got you covered for fun days across the UK this spring.

EV road trips from London

Within easy EV range from London you can head to plenty of beaches for hopefully a sunny stroll, or even fish & chips in April showers. Southend-on-Sea is a favourite, with attractions like Adventure Island and Canvey Island’s Thorney Bay Beach and Leisure Island Fun Park – all approximately 42 miles away.

If you want to go further afield for your sandy beaches, drive 66 miles to Herne Bay in Kent, with more than enough EV charge to get you back home and then some.

How about a trip to Brighton’s lanes and pier, 65 miles from London?

For more nature and family bike ride destinations, your EV can reach either the Cotswolds (87 miles) or the New Forest (82 miles) and get back home on one charge.

Range of EV from Coventry

For days out under 135 miles from Coventry, your electric car can reach the likes of Cardiff (121 miles) and Bath (115 miles) for must-have city breaks, Barry Island (135 miles) and Thorpe Park(102 miles) for a day’s amusements and rides, and the New Forest (126 miles) for bike rides, camping, and essential country pubs.

It isn’t far to Coventry’s nearest beaches, either, with Skegness approximately 121 miles away and Southend-on-Sea just a 129-mile drive.

Days out from Sunderland and Newcastle

From either Sunderland or Newcastle, you can reach Edinburgh and the likes of Edinburgh Zoo, the Scotch Whisky Experience, and the Underground Vaults Tour in under 141 miles, one way.

At a similar distance of 145 miles, Blackpool Pleasure Beach has plenty of reach for a single charge both there and back in your EV. The Yorkshire Dales is more than in range, too, if you’re looking for somewhere both closer to home and beautiful sights and walks. It’s just 57 miles away, one way.

Electric cars range from Reading

Birmingham offers adventurous trips like Inflata Nation Inflatable Theme Park and Cadbury World, great for kids and the child at heart. Both are within reach of your EV from Reading, at 98 and 94 miles.

Dorset is approximately 93 miles away from Reading, offering a camping site (94 miles), Thomas Hardy’s Cottage (95 miles), and Chesil Beach (110 miles) for a mix of adventure, culture, and relaxation.

Wanting to go to Wales for a day and be back home in time for bed? It’s only 108 miles to Cardiff from Reading if you’re looking for a city break.

Distance of electric car from Sheffield

Sheffield may be far away from the sea on all sides, but you don’t need to drive far in your EV to reach a beach. There’s Cleethorpes Pier (73 miles), Hornsea beach (77 miles), Humberston Fitties (76 miles), Mablethorpe (90 miles), and Sutton-on-sea (88 miles) if you’re looking for a swim or a day to tan.

For beautiful walks and bike rides, the gorgeous landscapes of the Cotswolds are just 138 miles and the Lake District is just 135 miles away from Sheffield.

Distance of an EV from Southampton

From Southampton, bike rides in the Cotswolds are only 87 miles away in your EV, with a city break in Cardiff 135 miles, Devon 137 miles, and a gorgeous adventure in Dartmoor National Park just approximately 140 miles away by car.

Electric car range from Leeds

At just 84 miles away from Leeds, Chester Zoo is a must for a day out. As is The Deep aquarium in Hull, in only a 64-mile range for your EV.

Bridlington Sea Front is 67 miles from Leeds and Blackpool is approximately 86 miles for your seaside attractions.

For gorgeous national parks, you have your pick from the Lake District (106 miles), Northumberland National Park (113 miles), and Snowdonia National Park (122 miles).

EV range from Middlesbrough

The seaside attractions of Blackpool Pleasure Beach are just 131 miles away from Middlesbrough and, as a theme park favourite, Alton Towers is a mere 143 miles drive.

Wanting to connect with nature for a day? The Peak District and the Lake District are in the range of a single charge of your EV, there and back, at 93 miles and 75 miles on either side of your journey.

Range of electric cars from Norwich

Want a fun, adrenaline-filled day? Thorpe Park is approximately 147 miles away from Norwich and The Wave Waterpark in Coventry is only 150 miles.

For a family day out, why not drive your EV 120 miles to London Zoo or 100 miles to Southend-on-Sea for a day at the beach?

EV range from Exeter

Fancying a more historic day out? Portsmouth is just 128 miles, one way, from Exeter. Tours of the city’s historic dockyard and HMS Victory are always a must.

For a change of scenery, St. Ives in Cornwall is a perfect beach to visit for a summer day out, 110 miles away in your EV. A hop, skip, and ferry ride to the Isle of Wight is approximately a 126-mile journey – and that’s without running your EV while on the ferry!

Range of EV from Glasgow

There is nothing but beautiful sites (and sights) in and around Scotland, no more than 144 miles from Glasgow. The scenic views of Ben Nevis at Fort William are just 102-123 miles away and the Lake District is only 119 miles, one way.

Even Belfast is in reach from Glasgow in your EV, approximately 143 miles away (including that ferry ride). As for Northumberland, its zoo a mere 144 miles and its national park are a 100 to 120-mile drive in your EV.

Distance of EV from Inverness

City breaks to Dundee and Aberdeen are only 137 and 108 miles from Inverness and, if you’re fancying somewhere both closer to home and filled with more of Scotland’s scenic beauty, Ben Hope mountain peak is only an 84-mile drive.

Want a relaxing beach day? Lunan Bay Beach is approximately 129-149 miles away from Inverness, one way. The perfect day’s getaway.

Range of electric cars from Cardiff

National parks, zoos, and theme parks are all within a 150-mile range of Cardiff. There’s Monkey World (110-135 miles), Dartmoor National Park (132 miles), and Pembrokeshire Coast (114 miles) for fantastic family outings.

As for Thorpe Park and Chessington World of Adventures, you only need to drive 141 or 147 miles to reach an adrenaline-filled day.

EV range from Llandudno

Want a day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach? From Llandudno, it’s only a 115-mile trip, either way, in your EV. If these amusements don’t offer enough rollercoasters for your liking, Alton Towers is just 110 miles.

Fancy a day surrounded by chocolate? Touring Cadbury World is only 138 miles away and, while the Peak District doesn’t offer as much chocolate (that we know of), it is just 87 miles from Llandudno for hikes or bike rides in scenic, natural beauty.

So, with all of this in mind and your range anxiety now washed away, how are your bank holiday plans looking?

With a home EV charger, you can set off ready after charging overnight – using the cheapest energy rates in the process.

To learn more about our EV charging, head over to our last blog post: Installing your EV charger at home.

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