Solar power simplified

team egg | 16/05/2024

A beginners guide to solar

At a Glance

What is solar power, and what are all the parts involved?

What are the benefits? Plus jargon busting.

Have you ever stopped to wonder how we are able to use the power of the sun to create a sustainable energy source? In a world where clean energy is becoming more essential, solar power is taking centre stage as a sustainable solution. Whether you’re looking for a solution to save on your electricity bill or an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint, the journey to harnessing solar energy starts here. 

What is solar power? Let's kick off by demystifying solar power. 

The sun isn't just a cosmic lightbulb—it's a powerhouse of energy waiting to be harnessed.

Solar energy, often called solar power, is the incredible force we tap into from sunlight. Picture this: Through a cool phenomenon called the photovoltaic effect, we're able to transform the sun's rays into electricity. And this electricity? It's not just for charging gadgets; it powers everything from your trusty TV to your fridge, lights, and all your favourite appliances.

To generate electricity using the sun, you will need your own solar power system. Want to learn more about how Egg can help your solar transition? Build your solar package with our solar journey.

  • Solar panels installed on your roof convert the sun's rays into electricity 

  • A control device converts the DC electricity into AC (alternating current) electricity so that you can use it

  • The AC electricity flows to the home and is used to power your devices]

What are the parts of a solar energy system? 

When it comes to solar systems, it's not just about the panels—they're just one piece of the puzzle.

To generate your own energy, you'll need a complete solar power system. Here are the core components:

  • Solar panels: These capture the sun's energy and convert it into electricity.

  • Inverter: This transforms the captured energy into a usable format for your appliances.

  • Racking: The solid foundation that hosts your solar setup.

Now, let's talk about energy storage. If you're connected to the grid, it's a breeze. The energy you generate can be sent back to the grid and used whenever you need it.

However, if you're living off the grid, or want to store the excess energy to use later, the game changes. You'll require extra gear:

  • Batteries: To store the energy you generate for those cloudy days.

  • Charge controller: This nifty device manages how fast your batteries recharge from solar energy. Pro tip: Egg Cracking Energy’s batteries come with the charge controller, eliminating the need for extra purchases down the line. 

Don't forget the smaller players—the wiring, fuses, and disconnects that keep everything connected and flowing smoothly.

And for the tech-savvy folks, there's even more! Our services come with a neat monitoring app that allows you to check up on your energy consumption and production.  This comes in handy for spotting any shade-related issues or flagging potential defects.

What are the benefits of going solar? First, let's talk savings. Your wallet and the Earth both love solar! Investing in solar panels can significantly lower your electricity bills and increase the value of your home!

Think about it: generating your own power means less reliance on the grid and more control over your expenses. And here's the exciting part – installing solar panels is more accessible than ever. With Egg's flexible financing options, forget the misconception that it's only for the wealthy; it's a smart choice for anyone looking to save money and contribute to a greener future.

"But what about the installation costs?" you might ask. Well, let's put it this way: it's an investment that pays dividends over time. Plus, you're not just investing in your future, but in the future of our kids – a brighter, cleaner world for generations to come. 

There’s a bit more to it! 

  • It’s a renewable energy investment that reduces carbon emissions 

  • Excess power that you generate (and don’t use) can be sold back to the National Grid 

  • Homes with solar panels installed can have a higher resale value 

  • Solar panels have low maintenance costs 

  • It can generate electricity in any climate

Decoding solar jargon

Hold on, before your eyes glaze over in a scramble of technical terms. Let's clear up the solar jargon:

  • Photovoltaic might sound like a tongue-twister, but it simply means turning sunlight into electricity.

  • kWh stands for kilowatt-hour – the unit of energy that your home uses. 

  • Net metering? Think of it as a solar credit system that allows you to store extra energy generated by your solar panels.  

See? Solar jargon isn't so puzzling after all. 

Navigating solar panel types

Now that you're becoming a solar language expert, let's explore different solar panel types. 

Monocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film – oh my! But don't worry, choosing the right panels doesn't have to be overwhelming. Consider factors like efficiency, space availability, and budget. It's like picking between scrambled or poached eggs – each has its unique appeal.

Need help choosing?

The path to savings

Alright, time to get real about savings. How much can you actually save by going solar? Well, it varies based on factors like location, energy usage, and system size. On average, homeowners can see savings in the ballpark of 20-30% on their electricity bills. That's money you can put towards experiences, dreams, and the things that truly matter.

Now, let's address the burning question: How long until I start seeing those savings? Patience is key, my friend. It typically takes a few years to recoup your initial investment, but after that, it's smooth sailing to the land of savings. Just think of it as a long-term commitment to both your wallet and the environment. 

Want to know how much you could save? Take our quiz to find out! 

Ready to get cracking? 

We're in this together, on a mission to light up lives and save the planet. Ready to embark on your solar journey? First step: explore Egg Cracking Energy's solar solutions. We're not just about panels; we're about empowering you with knowledge, transparent cost estimates, and personalised solutions that suit your lifestyle.

In a world where the sun's energy is at our fingertips, going solar is more than a trend – it's a choice with lasting impact. With every watt generated, we're stepping closer to a cleaner, greener tomorrow. And guess what? You're at the forefront of this movement, making conscious choices that resonate beyond today. 

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