How effective is solar in winter? We asked a customer

Team Egg | 04/10/2023

5 years after Steve had his solar and storage system installed, we’ve reached out to check how he is finding his green home and if it’s still beneficial during winter (spoiler: it is!).

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Steve's electricity bills have halved!

But how beneficial is solar in winter?

One of our customers, Steve, was looking for a solar and battery system to cut down on energy bills. 5 years on, we’ve reached out to check how he is finding his green home and if it’s still beneficial during winter (spoiler: it is!).

The UK heatwave of ‘22

Across the summer of 2022, Steve didn’t pay anything to his supplier – his system generated it all!

The high temperatures of 2022’s summer heatwave had solar panels lapping up those rays. And those without solar even saw the benefit, Egg seeing enquiries for solar rise by 830% from the same time period the year before.

That’s why winter and spring are the best times to invest in solar, to get the most out of the sun once summer comes along.

Those pesky energy bills

In the 5 years that Steve has had his system, his energy bills have been cut in half, his system averaging 50% self-generation – with last year (2022) running at almost 60%!

For that remaining 40-50%, you don’t pay peak grid prices. When you have your solar panels teamed up with battery storage, you can schedule to use or store energy from the grid at cheaper hours – meaning, even when you find yourself turning to the grid’s power, you’ll never pay peak prices for it again.

(You can read more about the benefits of battery storage in our handy guide.)

How well do solar panels work in winter?

Along with the ever-shortening payback time of solar and storage systems (as the higher energy prices go, the shorter your payback time is), being half self-sufficient as well saves you so much.

Steve still benefits during winter (a UK winter, even!) and its shorter daylight hours, too. To his surprise, his system doesn’t just continue to generate power in winter but generates between 30-50% on a bright winter’s day. With him topping up his battery with energy from the grid when it’s at its cheapest, too, the savings don’t stop.

See, you don’t need a Mediterranean sun to get the most out of your panels – though, of course, that would always be lovely.

The conclusion?

From having his energy bills cut in half, it’s no surprise that Steve would recommend a solar and battery system.

And there you have it.

With energy prices constantly on the rise, don’t you dream of a world free of worrying about energy bills?

While the upfront costs of installing a solar and battery system can be off-putting, the combination helps you save both energy and money in the long run. Their payback time, too, continues to reduce with the increasing cost of electricity, so it’s never been a better time to produce your own.

Make that first step and enquire today.

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