Egg’s step-by-step guide on how to get set with home EV charging

Team Egg | 06/03/2023

What is the sign-up process for the Egg EV Charger Plan? We can break it down into just 5 steps and explain it all.

At a Glance

What's the difference between standard and custom installations?

Take our free eligibility check and get an instant credit check.

The world of electric cars and finding a suitable home EV charger can be a bit of a minefield. But, at Egg, we offer home charging that’s completely hassle-free.

We’re upfront and avoid all the jargon to help you make better decisions. Because simple always trumps technical.

Here, we explain everything it takes to be eligible for our EV Charger Plan as well as the steps to signing up for it, including all potential payments. No hidden costs. No nasty surprises. No hidden agenda.

So, let’s get started. This is how to sign up for our Egg EV Charger Plan in just 5 simple steps.

1) Place your order

Eligibility check

Our eligibility check is just a few questions to answer to find out what kind of installation you need – and it’s completely free!

To be eligible for our home charger, you need to have off-street parking and have your charger location less than 30m away from your electricity meter.

We will ask you:

  • If you have access to off-street parking (a driveway or garage)

  • What your WiFi signal is like where you park your car

  • Where your electricity meter is located

  • How far your charger will be from your meter

It’s from your responses that we learn what type of installation you will need so we can make sure our installation team have enough time to complete it.

  • Standard installation: 90% of our installations are standard, taking half a day

  • Non-standard installation: For trickier requirements, such as your electric meter being inside your house or more than 15m away from your charger’s intended location, it can take a full day to install, but don't worry there is no additional cost to pay.

Your basket

You will have the choice of our socket-only (untethered) or cable-attached (tethered) home charger, as well as the option for our home solar survey.

With your charger chosen, you will then be taken to your order summary where you will have the additional choice of the below:

Service and maintenance

Egg Plus (£5/month)

  • Our repair-or-replace service plan

  • This has a 3-year minimum term and cannot be removed from the order

Connection type

EV chargers need an internet connection to work properly. Our chargers come WiFi enabled, but we can also connect them using mobile phone signal if the signal is poor.

Depending on the signal where your electric car will be parked, you can choose between:

WiFi connection (Free)

  • You need at least two bars of Wi-Fi signal where your EV will be parked.

Mobile connection (£60)

  • If you have less than 2 bars of WiFi signal from where you park your car, we'll need to install a mobile connection to your charger.

Pre-installation checks

Before confirming and booking your installation date, we will need your pre-install checks completed. These are completed by providing photos and information about your home. Read up on how to complete them here.

Extra and add-ons

Surge protection (£99)

  • Wiring regulations require us to offer a 'Surge Protection Device' (SPD) to protect your charger in case of a power surge. Should one occur, the SPD reduces the chance of any damage to your EV or charger.

  • This is automatically added to your order with the option to remove it.

  • To read more about power surges and surge protection devices, type "Surge Protection Device" into our helpful chatbot, Ezra.

2) Arrange your payment

You can either pay upfront (for £1080) or over 3 years (for £30 a month with 0% APR subject to credit check) with the addition of a direct debit for our repair-or-replace plan, Egg Plus (£5 a month).

This is where you get an instant credit check (if choosing to pay monthly) along with our terms and conditions.

Read the full breakdown of our EV Charger Plan, including Egg Plus and both payment options, here.

2) Pre-install checks

We run these checks to make sure there are no nasty surprises on the day of your installation, so we can be fully prepared by taking the right equipment and allocating enough time to complete your installation for you, plus ensuring your EV charger installation goes smoothly and safely.

This includes having:

  • Gas meter bonding This should be green earthing and bonding wires

  • A water shut-off valve This can be green and yellow earth cables on metallic or copper pipework OR a plastic water pipe coming out of the ground

  • An isolator switch This will be found in your meter box and, if not present, needs to be installed by your energy provider

If you don't have any of these, don't worry, we will review them and inform you of the next steps.

Once we have reviewed your pre-install checks and all is looking good to go, our install partners will be in touch and confirm your installation date!

3) Installation day!

The big day is here! It’s time to get you up and running with your home EV charger, installed by one of our trusted partners. Once installed, you will be shown how to use it along with our oh-so-handy app.

If you ever want to check your order’s progress or your installation date, you can head to our website and see the status and all the details on your account.

Once installed, all that is left is to get to know your brand-new charger, set up your charging app, and (what you’ve been waiting for…) start charging!

So, ready to get cracking? Get set with electric car charging today! Click here to start your journey to hassle-free charging.

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