Benefits of battery storage. 6 reasons why you should get a home battery

team egg | 01/07/2023

Is teaming up your solar panels with a home battery worth the investment? In short - yes. But what are the benefits of battery storage for renewable energy, and why should you install one?

At a Glance

Solar is the best for renewable energy, but you can lose 50% of the electricity it produces if you don’t use it.

Adding a home battery to the equation saves and stores that energy - along with many other benefits.

While kitting out your home with solar panels is the best and cheapest step in the right direction for generating your own renewable energy, approximately 50% of the electricity they produce can be lost if you don’t use it.

That’s when a home battery comes in. With battery storage installed in your home, you not only store that energy, but you also become closer to being self-sufficient.

What is battery storage?

Battery storage technologies are essential to speed up the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy. From SolarEdge to Tesla, battery storage solutions for renewable energy are the perfect investment to make the most out of your solar panels to store and save the energy you are generating.

While including a battery in your upgrade to solar certainly shows in the installation costs, the combination helps to save both energy and money in the long run.

Solar systems will send any unused energy to the grid and, at times when the sun is down, you’ll be paying for electricity just like everybody else. Teaming up your solar panels with a battery not only stores the energy that you generate, but also comes in handy in winter when you’re unlikely to produce the amount of energy you need for your home. Having a battery during these shorter daylight hours makes sure you use all of the solar energy you generate – and you can even top up the battery overnight when energy is cheaper, so you never pay peak grid prices.

What’s better, solar installations are currently 0% VAT rated, which means you can also save the VAT on a battery if it is installed at the same time as your solar panels!

But is a home battery truly worth the investment, and should you add battery storage to your solar panel system? In short – yes. 100% yes. But you’re here for the longer answer, the facts. So, let’s give you just that.

The benefits of home battery storage

Off-grid independence

When you have a battery, your energy is yours. Your home becomes greener by using your own renewable energy. In some circumstances, when power is in higher demand, you can even sell it back to the grid.

Lowers utility bills

Pairing your solar panels with a battery saves you as much as 90% on your energy bills. If you ever need extra power, too, your battery can store energy from the grid during cheaper and greener off-peak times, thanks to smart scheduling.

Never lose your solar energy

Glorious summer weather is fantastic for your solar panels. That’s obvious. But you want to be out enjoying the sun, too, without the worry of not using the energy your solar panels are collecting.

With a battery, your solar power is never wasted. It is stored whether you’re in or not, meaning you can be out enjoying the sun - just like your solar panels.

Energy day and night

Storing your solar power means you never need to rely on whether the sun is up to utilise it. Day or night, a battery gives you energy whenever you need it.

Set it and forget it

Solar panels and home batteries need little to no interaction or maintenance, meaning, once installed, the only thing you need to do is reap the benefits.

Everyone (and everything) benefits

From saving energy and money to decreasing your carbon footprint – you, your home, and the world benefit. It’s a win-win!


With the upcoming Future Homes Standard in 2025 and changes to Part L building regulations, for homes to produce 31% fewer carbon emissions, greener homes are quickly becoming the norm.

The UK government estimates technologies like battery storage systems could save the UK energy system up to £40 billion by 2050. Why not make that first step?

To make your house and green home, get in touch with us or visit our solar and storage pages to learn more and get a quote.

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