Isolator Switch Electrical System Upgrades

Tash Horn | 28/09/2022

You're required to have an isolator switch on your electrical system to ensure your EV charger install goes smoothly

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Find out all about what an isolator switch is and why you need one

Egg can help out with your isolator switch installation

What is an isolation switch?

An isolation switch (or isolator switch) is a piece of equipment that is installed on a metering supply to allow that supply to be de-energised after your meter. It normally sits inside your meter box and it sits after the meter but before the consumer unit.

What does an isolation switch do?

An isolation switch acts as a circuit breaker on your mains electrical supply so that any electrical work (such as an EV charger or solar installation) that is going to take place within a property can be completed safely by a private electrician or anyone doing electrical work on your home.

When the switch is turned off, there would be no power after the isolation switch, which in turn would allow a private electrician to safely complete any maintenance work or repairs on the member's internal electrical set-up.

What does an isolation switch look like?

The isolation switch is circled in yellow on this photo. It's normally located inside your meter box.

Who's responsible for installing an isolation switch?

An isolation switch can either be installed by your supplier or an approved 3rd party installer, like Egg.

How can I get an isolation switch installed?

That's simple. We'll let you know if you need to get one fitted and we can arrange to get it installed at no additional cost, but there may be a slight delay in your installation. Alternatively, your energy supplier may be able to install one sooner, but there could be a charge of up to £150 for this.

Switching to an EV?

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